17 things you might not know about Muddy Bees.


Family Owned

We are a family owned bakery. Sol and Nick wanted to support their daughter in her dreams and when the opportunity arose, they helped jump on the chance to own and run a small town bakery.

Vegan & Gluten Free Options

We offer both Vegan and Gluten free treat options on a daily basis. This all came about because of the family lifestyles that came with having a child that was unable to eat soy or dairy products, so we wanted to create treats that most would be able to enjoy on top of our daily baked items. We usually have something for everyone.

Minimal Waste

When we first purchased the business there were different areas where we noticed there was more waste than we were comfortable with, so we decided that would be one of our first changes as we took over ownership was to get us down to a minimal waste facility. We are always are looking for ways to improve on how we can help our community. For instance, we decided to start taking any leftover cinnamon rolls and make different kinds of bread puddings, and then we took all the leftover cake tops that we would have to cut off of each cake we were making and make them into cake pops. We aren’t 100% waste-free yet, but we continue to work and see how we can improve.

Wholesale Products

We offer wholesale products to our local community, supplying to multiple restaurants and cafes in Washington county and surrounding areas. Local products make that special difference in any food experience.

We Deliver

We offer delivery to Hurricane and surrounding areas with at least 48 hour notice.
*All deliveries are delivered between 9am and 12pm*

Special Orders

We accept special orders and need just one business day in advance to have it fresh for you the next day. Excluding specialty items with specific allergies, we ask at least 3 business days in advance.

Soups & Sandwiches

We offer sandwiches all year long and soups October-April, sandwiches are built your own and made with love by our worker bees. We also offer gluten-free and limited vegan options for sandwiches. *All Gluten Free Sandwiches are GRILLED*

Health Conscious

We offer coffees, smoothies, and hot drinks with vegan and dairy-free options available on select items.

Community Support

We love to support our community through donations and acts of service.

In-Store Beehive

We have an in-store beehive to help educate any visitors about the importance of bees and help to keep them alive and healthy in our modern-day world. We also love to have groups scheduled in advance to come and learn about them.

Sourdough Secrets

We make our sourdough from our well-aged sourdough starter. Each night we mix up a fresh batch of sourdough dough so that it is ready to start baking each morning when the bakers come in around 3 am to begin their day. They hand roll each artisan loaf, adding different flavors each day, and creating loaves that add to any dinner table.

Generational Recipes

Each baked good that we make comes from recipes handed down, and tried and true. They are recipes that we have loved and love sharing with our community. Our goal is to create comfort foods that remind you of home, or taste just like your mom or grandma used to make. We truly believe food creates great memories.

Signature Cakes

We offer signature cakes customizable to any event.

Catering Available

We offer catering with customizable sandwiches for groups. We also have lunch bag and lunch box specials that are perfect for groups heading out to zion or other outings for the day. We pack your lunch for you! All you have to do is pick up.

We Treat You As Our Own

Though we are not an organic bakery, we use products only that we would be comfortable feeding to our own families.

Cinnamon Rolls

Our cinnamon rolls are our number one selling item. We offer fresh giant cinnamon rolls every morning, made with our smooth cream cheese frosting, it’s so good people buy it on the side just to eat it with a spoon. We also offer different flavors of rolls throughout the year. We offer cinnamon and orange rolls daily, and raspberry rolls every weekend. But follow us on social media to see all the special flavors that are featured throughout the year, including our annual peach week tradition where we even offer a peach cinnamon roll. Call us to find out just how many flavors we offer, and to preorder.

Freeze-Dried Items

We also offer freeze-dried items made in store, ranging from fruit to candy.