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Package of Bees- Nucleus (Nuc)


Please note: NUCS are available for local pick-up ONLY. We Do NOT ship packages of  Nucs at this time.

  Nuc package online purchase will be $185 to cover transaction fees. Packages remain $175 if purchased in store or paid over the phone at 435-467-4898.

Nucs will be available this year in May and are only available once a year 

  *Nuc pick-up date is May 1-15, 2020.*  

 Nucs can be picked up from 8:00am until 12:00pm (noon) at: Area to be Picked up will be determined. 

Nuc Policy: Nucs become the responsibility of the customer at the time of pick up. Some small percentage of bees will have expired in the package during transit. We will inspect your Nuc for a healthy Queen before you arrive, and we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check before you leave with your Nuc. We don't have control over conditions placed on the Nuc after you leave our location, so we will not guarantee the Queen after pick-up .  To be safe, you may want to bring a suit. 

**By clicking the purchase button, you are agreeing that you have read this page in its entirety and you are responsible for picking up your nuc on the date and time listed on this page.  Please check back frequently for updates.  Bees are live animals and we want to make sure you and the bees are getting a good deal.**

If you need a new Queen: We do ship Queens, but the customer is responsible for all replacement and shipping costs (please see our Queen Bee pages for details on shipping live bees).  You may also pick up a Queen from our location.  **Although we try to have Queens available all the time, we cannot guarantee that we will have a Queen available on the day you call. Please try to plan ahead when at all possible. **

Nucleus Hives (Nucs) come in a temporary waxed carboard box and contain: a laying spring queen that has been already been accepted by the hive, 2 frames of brood in all stages, 2 frames of pollen/honey/attending bees, and 1 fresh frame of wax for the bees to work on.

 In order to reserve a nuc, you must pre-pay the full amount. If you do not reserve one, we cannot guarantee that extras will be available . *Refunds are ONLY available if we are not able to deliver your reserved bees on the pick-up date.*

 There is a possibility that people will not pick up the packages they ordered. In this case, you may contact us to be put on the waiting list. The wait list will be called from the top down and must be picked up immediately (please see instructions above).

 Final deadline for 2020 bee nuc orders will be when we sell out. We will turn off this link when nucs are no longer available.

 *Price listed is per nuc. If you are ordering 25 or more, please contact us for discounted pricing.

 Please call us if we can help you with bees you have already purchased. We are happy to answer bee questions, but due to the large number of calls we get for bee advice, we may not be able to answer your question immediately. We suggest attending a bee class, reading any of the great informational books on beekeeping, or watching some videos on YouTube. Our bee class is taught once per year in February. Please see our bee page for the most updated information on the class.

Please provide your email and your phone number so we can keep in contact and provide you with any updates on the bee packages you are purchasing.

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