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Web Store

Queen Bees (Open Mated)


Open-Mated Queens are available this year from our stock of Italians.  

Orders must be placed at least 20 days prior to pick-up/shipping date.

These Queens are proven to lay and have a good pattern of sealed brood prior to shipping to you. You must introduce them to your hive immediately after arrival to give them the best chance of survival. All Queens are marked with a number.  

Because introduction conditions are outside our control, we cannot guarantee successful introduction of Queens into your hive.  Even under optimal conditions, one cannot expect perfect success.

Please contact us with any questions or to check availability.

Customers are always welcome to pick-up from our location. This saves shipping costs and stress on your Queens. Arrangements must be made ahead of time.

Open Mated Queen Cost: $35 each for 1-10

$32 each for 11-20

Contact us for availability on orders more than 20 

Shipping Details


Queens are only shipped on Monday and Tuesday if you choose USPS. This is in order to minimize the risk of your package being delayed over the weekend. Queens can be shipped Monday - Thursday if you choose UPS, since they guarantee next day delivery. Saturday delivery is possible with UPS, but will incur additional charges by UPS. It is the responsibility of the customer to plan for your hives accordingly.


It is possible for the weather to delay your order. Temperatures in the high 60's are required to raise Queens. We will communicate with you on any delays that we have so you can plan ahead for your hive situation.


UPS shipments are not insurable, but the risk is minimal. Queens shipped by UPS are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Replacement of Queens is subject to availability and is at the discretion of Muddy Bees LLC. We will work with you on Queens that arrive dead, but it will be your responsibility to immediately provide us with date and time stamped photos of your marked Queen.


USPS shipments may be insured. If your shipment is damaged or dead upon arrival due to shipping delays or mishandling, you can fill out a claim form at your local post office. Replacement Queens, if available, must be paid in full prior to shipment.


USPS will not guarantee delivery times on Priority Mail packages.


USPS will also not guarantee or issue refunds on Express Mail packages that are delivered within their normal guaranteed times. They will only issue refunds of postage if Express Mail takes more than 3 days.


Whichever shipping option you choose, please be aware that replacement Queens are subject to availability.


We will not issue refunds for shipping unless the carrier (UPS or USPS) issues a refund per their policies.


The price listed for shipping is the average quote from UPS guaranteed next day air from our location to various locations in the US. Your shipping price may be higher or lower than this. Please contact us for a more accurate shipping quote.



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