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Queen Bee Cells


Queen Bee Cells are a more affordable way to re-Queen your hives.  Proven genetics ensure gentle, hardy bees.  

$55 per cell when picked up locally. 

Queen Cell cost:  Call for pricing on orders of 100 or more

Queen Cells must be ordered at least 20 days in advance and are subject to availability, especially on shorter notice. For local pick-up, you should bring a small cooler to keep them warm until introduction into your hive.  Queen Cells should be placed in you hive or nuc as soon as possible, as they are given to you with the expectation of hatching within the next 24 hours.  For successfull mating of your newly hatched Queen, you should have a good supply of drones, weather, and temperatures that allow for mating.  Because introduction and mating conditions are outside our control, we cannot guarantee successful introduction or mating.  Even under optimal conditions, one cannot expect perfect success.  Please contact us with any questions or to check availability.  

Shipping Information

Queen cells shipped must be ordered in multiples of 10.  

All Queen Cells must be shipped overnight by UPS, and will come in a ventilated box with enough attendants to keep the cells warm.  Cells must be taken care of immediately up reciept in order to avoid having them emerge in the box.  UPS cannot be insured and, while the risk is minimal, it is the sole responsibility to the buyer.  

The price listed for shipping is the average cost from our location.  Your cost may be slightly higher or lower.  Please contact us directly for a more accurate shipping cost to your zip code.  

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