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Langstroth Hive Jar Super- 8 Frame Size


I am now selling these cool Langstroth hive jar supers. The item for sale is the top board that has been cut to perfectly fit 12 wide-mouth canning jars.



*This is different from the standard frame ONLY in that it is 2 1/2 inches narrower to fit the 8 frame box*

You will need to furnish the jars and an empty top box to protect the jars from the heat.


I hand-make each of these here in Hurricane, UT.



The top board is made with a 3/8" bee space on each side so it can be turned either way. Place over your queen excluder and cover with an empty box and lid to shade the jars from the sun. At the end of the season, your jars will be full of capped honey comb.



Every bee-keeper should have at least one of these!


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